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Frequently asked questions:

What is GoStrengths! all about?

GoStrengths! is a social and emotional learning program created using engaging digital animations and accessed online. It comes both in a structured (10 modules) and unstructured (pick your own animations) format. The program is currently used by schools, therapists and coaches, and parents. The animations and modules are based in cutting-edge research from the field of positive psychology and neuroscience. The programs help children cultivate skills such as self-awareness, resilience, problem-solving, optimism, character strengths, self-regulation, and goal-setting. Expand the boxes below to find the program that’s right for you. See all of our programs here.

What’s the suitable age range for the GoStrengths! program?

The program is great for kids in 3rd – 9th grade. We understand this is a pretty big range, but it is both cognitively appropriate and engaging for children in this age range. Since many of our programs include modules built for adults, you can also train staff or adult clients on social and emotional learning skills.

How long does it take to go through the program?

In an ideal world, we’d love for you to block out 25 minutes a week for 10 weeks to roll out, embrace, and engage with all 10 modules in the program. We understand time is precious, so we’ve included express (animations + discussion points) versions of our modules and also an animation catalog with category filters for you to find the topic you’d like to focus upon. This way you can custom tailor your lesson plans and time allotted for the program. For example, maybe one day you want to show an animation on character strengths and focus on this topic only during your lesson. No problem! You can filter “character strengths” from our animation catalog and choose the one you like to play in class, at home, in a coaching session etc. See all of our programs here.

Can I pay by purchase order?

We love credit card transactions, but we understand that doesn’t work for every situation. We’re happy to take a purchase order with a minimum $200 order. Our terms are net 45 for schools. If you have questions or need more information (e.g., W9 forms etc.), please email go@gostrengths.com.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! Most of our programs are only a one-time fee, so there is nothing to cancel as you won’t be billed again! If you’re on a yearly subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time and you will not be billed again. Cancel by emailing us at go@gostrengths.com or by filling out a tech support form within the program. Your account will be cancelled within 24 business hours.

Can I download the videos?

Nope. We want to keep the library of animations current and based on cutting-edge research. That is why the entire program is accessed online. We’ll keep you posted on any changes to this.

Can I access the program from anywhere in the world?

Of course! The program is online – you can login from anywhere in the world. We house and deliver all videos through extreme powerful servers. If you can see the sample videos on the homepage, you shouldn’t have any issue viewing the program.

Is the program mobile friendly?

Every animation and every express course is mobile friendly. For the full course and train modules, you need a browser that supports flash. Fortunately, most any device will support flash with the right browser. You can even download flash-friendly browsers on Apple devices now. 🙂

Can I see what the program looks like from the inside?

You can check out many animations on the homepage of the site and here. You can also view this demo page that shows various portions of the program. You can also see what’s included in the 10 modules here.

Do you have other programs?

Sure! We have a program dedicated to anxiety relief for children. Visit our sister site at www.gozen.com.

I have more questions!

No problem. Fill out this form and we’ll be happy to answer them for you! You can also email us at go@gostrengths.com.

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