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Course Details

Course Details

GoStrengths! focuses on 8 Core Skills

The GoStrengths! program teaches students 8 research-based social and emotional skills encapsulated by the acronym GoProcess! These skills include goal-setting, problem-solving, resilience, optimistic thinking, character strength development, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and social skills. The program is made up of 10 online modules with built-in teacher training. Learn more below!

Social & Emotional Skills

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Course Details


Module 1: GoWellBeing!

What is well-being? This module provides you the foundational principles in the GoStrengths! course.


Module 2: GoAwareness!

Why do you do what you do? Understand why you have certain emotional reactions to challenges or difficult situations in life. Skill: Emotional Intelligence


Module 3: GoRegulate!

Watch out for ThoughtHoles! Explore 8 common errors in thought, how they affect your resilience, and how you can rectify them. Skill: Emotional Intelligence


Module 4: GoResilience!

The 5Cs: Catch, Check, Collect, Challenge & Change! Learn the unique 5C method to increase your resilience and overcome challenges. Skill: Resilience


Module 5: GoSolveIt!

Superhero Problem-Solving! The SHP process is a fun and effective 6-step method to solve any problem you may have. Skill: Problem-solving


Module 6: GoStrengths!

What is right with this picture?! What are your greatest strengths and why do they matter? Skill: Character Strength Development


Module 7: GoMindset!

Promote the process! Identify your fundamental beliefs about success and then help youthlings cultivate a growth mindset. Skill: Self-confidence


Module 8: GoOptimism!

Practicing happiness! It’s time to learn scientifically backed methods to increase your optimism and happiness. Skill: Optimistic Thinking


Module 9: GoConnect!

Spinning a strong web! Strong social connections are vital to humanoid well-being. Learn the best ways to make and strengthen friendships. Skill: Social Connections


Module 10: GoFlourish!

Humanoid flourishing! Learn how to effectively set short and long-term goals using the SCCAB model of goal-setting. Skill: Goal-setting

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