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Social & Emotional Learning Programs for Kids – Life Skills Training – GoStrengths!

Empower Kids with Essential Life Skills!

Learn why schools and parents alike are empowering students with GoStrengths! social and emotional learning programs. Kids learn research-based skills to cope with challenges, boost emotional intelligence, strengthen relationships, and improve behavior. Get a glimpse into the program with some FREE lessons now:

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Over 200 Teaching Animations!

The research is clear–social and emotional learning (SEL) skills boost academic success and life satisfaction. Now GoStrengths! makes it easy to deliver SEL skills with fun, animated lessons. Each of our 10 modules infuses research with the practical application of skills. Teachers use narrated presentations, games, and animation to engage even the toughest student audience!

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Sam Leapfrogging

Rhonda’s Dilemma


Neutrino on Self-talk

8 Core Skills

Students Learn 8 Core Skills!

The GoStrengths! program arms students with 8 research-based skills including goal-setting, problem-solving, resilience, optimistic thinking, character strength development, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and social skills. Each of the skills is accompanied by a GoTool! in the program – a superpowered tool which serves as mnemonic to help students embrace and implement each concept.

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Easy to Roll Out Programs!

Whether you are a single parent or district with thousands of students, GoStrengths! is equipped to provide you quick and easy online access to our courses. What about parent/teacher training? No worries, it’s built-in. Adults receive 10 training modules as well as lesson plans which correspond to each of the student modules in the program.

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GoStrengths! Programs

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  • “GoStrengths! is hands down, the best ready-to-use social and emotional learning curriculum on the internet. The highlight for my clients is the focused, engaging, and memorable animated shorts. These are not only pedagogically and empirically sound, but also just plain fun!”
    Sherri Fisher, M.Ed.Educational Management Consultant/Coach
    “GoStrengths! provides teachers a tremendous tool to introduce students to concepts and terms that help them focus on positive traits and strengths. A common language can be built that increases good will in classrooms and schools. Instead of an anti-bullying program, GoStrengths! is a pro-strength program!”
    Andy Smallman, PrincipalPuget Sound Community School
    “Thoughtholes?” “Gigantify?” -the GoStrengths! language is colorful, intuitive and fun! It’s like someone created a Rosetta Stone for becoming more resilient and emotionally healthy! My 9 year-old son has been glued to the modules. But the real proof is his behavior – I’m seeing real, positive changes!”
    Laura GargaszProud Parent
  • “I have just bought the practitioner program for both GoStrengths! and GoZen! and I think that they are amazing.  I am a mother of 3 boys and am getting them to work through the program.”
    ReneeRemedial Massage Therapist
    “GoStrengths! is extremely accessible. It’s amazing how the science of positive psychology can be made to be so much fun. It’s full of practical tools and clear, easy to understand explanations. I have used some of the animations in my workshops on character strengths with great success.”
    Elizabeth Ajagbe, TutorUniversity of Law, London
    “I really think GoStrengths! supports our learning. We learn about awareness and resilience. We learn how to bounce back from hard situations. We learn awareness of the personal strengths inside of us. The videos are entertaining. The quizzes help you also.”
    3rd Grade Student

GoStrengths! online resilience and well-being course is the proud winner of the Parent Tested, Parent Approved award for outstanding educational software.

“GoStrengths! addresses everyday problems kids face and offers concrete ways to solve them. The program is in an easy to watch & learn format and is something all parents should see with their kids.” ~PTPA